Lifetime Life’s Basics Plant Protein Review

Lifetime Life's Basics Plant Protein

Lifetime Life’s Basics Plant Protein

As mentioned in this blog post, I am on a never ending search for the perfect, nutritious, and tasty protein supplement. I have already proclaimed that I had ended my search, however, it has since been reopened. Mini-Me (my younger sister, we are often mistaken as twins), is majoring in Nutrition at her university. I love her health and diet tips and suggestions.

Mini-me recently spent some time eating a strictly vegan diet. With her happiness with a meat and dairy free diet, I decided to try a vegan protein supplement. After some research, and budgetary restrictions, I selected Lifetime Life’s Basic Plant Protein in vanilla. I was really excited to try it as soon as it arrived. Overall, the nutritional value is excellent. The texture and flavor are not so much… The chia seeds in the powder gives it a texture that is not quite as smooth as traditional protein powders. The flavor is really a trade-off for the high nutritional value. I don’t think I would order this protein again, THE SEARCH CONTINUES!

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