Homemade Perogies

Homemade perogiesMy mother’s side of the family is 100% Ukrainian. That means, perogies, kielbasa, and sauerkraut are staples for holidays. Not exactly the healthiest… but absolutely DELICIOUS. Neither my mother or my grandmother make homemade perogies, but my great-grandmother did. Unfortunately, no one got her recipe before she passed away. We usually get our from some ancient lady at the church that makes the most bomb perogies ever and I wait patiently for Easter every year for our Ukrainian feast. In the Easter spirit, I decided to attempt to make them. I am not going to lie, they seem absolutely intimidating… So, I scoured the internet for a “Grandma’s Best” perogie recipe and happened to find Grandma’s Polish Perogies on With fantastic reviews, I decided to give them a try. (more…)

Honey Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash

2014-10-12 19.28.30

Finished product!

So, bitches. Holiday season is coming up. You know what that means? FOOD. Hearty, rich meals followed by endless desserts and sweets. That also means that holiday weight gain. That is why I want to share this recipe; forget spaghetti, try this spaghetti squash! You slow roast it in the oven, scrape the insides out with a fork, mix with your favorite sauce or toppings and viola! Delicious, low carb dinner.


Leftover Crock Pot Pulled Pork?

pigI am not sure if I could imagine a world where I would have leftover crock pot pulled pork… However, if you live in an alternate universe and happen to have some, I have found the list for you!  Have I ever mentioned I love lists? I may or may not have OCD. I also love BuzzFeed. Consequently, BuzzFeed lists are one of my favorite things. My madre found this amazing list of 18 recipes to make with crock pot pulled pork. So, if you haven’t already gorged yourself to the point of discomfort I would highly suggest any and all of these recipes. I am salivating more than Pavlov’s dogs just looking at them. YUM!

Check out the entire list, here!


Sweet Baby Ray’s Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Sweet, Sweet Baby Ray's!

Sweet, Sweet Baby Ray’s!

There used to be a fantastic BBQ and homemade frozen custard place just down the street from my house. They had killer beef brisket, delicious pulled pork, and delectable chocolate and peanut butter frozen custard swirled together to perfection. About 6 months ago the joint closed after being open for 25 years or something, and I am pretty sure I had to take off work because I couldn’t stop crying. So, the point of my story is that I was craving some of that BBQ pulled pork.  (more…)

Bacon Mac and Cheese (I cheated, shhhh, don’t tell)

bacon macaroni and cheese


So, for this recipe I am going to admit right off the bat that I cheated. AND didn’t really measure anything. But, I don’t feel bad because measuring bacon and cheese is stupid anyway. Right? The more the merrier. Here’s my cheat, I started with a box of Annie’s Shells with White Cheddar mac and cheese. I was looking to make a quick savory dinner and bacon and cheese sounded pretty savory. (more…)

Oven Roasted Chick Peas



At the grocery store, I always buy foods that I think are healthy, even if I do not necessarily know how to cook them or if I even really like them. Chickpeas/garbanzo beans are one of those things. I have also already proclaimed my love for Buzzfeed. I may or may not check Buzzfeed multiple times a day… I swear I don’t have a problem! Uhh. well, I also love lists. A lot. I recently came across this Buzzfeed list, 11 Foods That May Be The Fountain of Youth. #6 on that list was curry powder, “6. Curry powder may prevent the growth of toxic brain cells and prevent Alzheimer’s.” (more…)

Pad Thai Noodles

Pad Thai Noodles

Sorry the picture sucks… I couldn’t wait to eat it!

There is an amazing restaurant in my hometown called Pad Thai. Believe it or not, their pad thai noodle dish is absolutely TO DIE FOR.  I am not really sure why I haven’t just asked them for their recipe yet, next time I go I certainly will. For now, my never ending quest is to duplicate the delicious flavors in their signature dish. I am pretty sure if I am ever on death row, I would request Pad Thai pad thai noodles. They are that good. I promise. Anyway, here was my most recent attempt, which turned our relatively decent, and I actually pretty much followed the recipe as is!


Chicken Coconut Milk Ginger Soup

Chicken Coconut Milk Soup

Tom Kha Gai!

I decided to proclaim this week Asian week on my blog. I can confidently say that Asian food is one of my favorite kinds of ethnic food. I understand that Asia is a pretty large country, but the Americanized versions Asian dishes found in our restaurants are pretty delicious. I have tried different variations of chicken and coconut milk soup before so I decided to give this Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup) recipe a try! I was lacking some of the ingredients (per usual) so my variations and comments are in BOLD!


Stupid Simple: Oven Roasted Asparagus

Oven Roasted Asparagus

Oven Roasted Asparagus

According to this, asparagus is kinda pretty healthy. So, you should, like, eat is once in a while. I had some in the fridge, so I made it, because I wanted to be healthy. Basically Popeye should’ve been eating asparagus instead of spinach. He definitely would’ve picked up chicks significantly more attractive than Olive Oil… Here’s how I made mine!

Stupid Simple: Crock Pot Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket Cooking in my Crockpot

This is an incredibly simple recipe that my mother made while I was growing up. This beef brisket is a quick recipe you can throw together in the morning and allow to cook all day in the crock pot. I would like you to please note the instructions that my mother provided me with for this recipe. They are quoted word for word as what she sent me.