Bacon Mac and Cheese (I cheated, shhhh, don’t tell)

bacon macaroni and cheese


So, for this recipe I am going to admit right off the bat that I cheated. AND didn’t really measure anything. But, I don’t feel bad because measuring bacon and cheese is stupid anyway. Right? The more the merrier. Here’s my cheat, I started with a box of Annie’s Shells with White Cheddar mac and cheese. I was looking to make a quick savory dinner and bacon and cheese sounded pretty savory. (more…)

Update: nom nom paleo Mini Frittata Muffins

nom nom Paleo mini frittata muffins

nom nom Paleo mini frittata muffins

I gave this recipe another shot since it turned out so well the first time, and well, they turned out even better. This time I used bacon instead of ground beef; fatty, salty, baby piglet flesh. Bacon is my shit.   (more…)