baking soda

Baking Soda Boss: Unconventional Uses

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) is possibly the most underrated, cheap, multi-purpose compound. There are literally hundreds of household and beauty uses. I might actually get a “NaHCO3 for Life”  tattoo sometime in the future… Seriously, it is that amazing. I will likely be making additions to this post in the future as I think of more, “Oh yeah! That too” uses. And if I missed any or if you have any secret tips, please leave them in the comments! (more…)

No ‘poo!

No, I am not constipated. I ate way too much chia pudding this week to be constipated… T.M.I. sorry. Also, I may be an asshole, no actually, I AM an asshole, but thankfully this post is not about them. Also, this post is not about Kanye West, because then it would, in fact, be about assholes. And, Imma let you read this, but let me first say that I am a much better reader than you… I digress.