breaking bad

Breaking Bad Fans??

Breaking Bad Cutting Board

Umm, I need this. Right now.

I have already professed my love for the show Breaking Bad in a previous post called, Jesse, Let’s Cook!. So, for all my other Breaking Bad fans out there I just wanted to share this beautiful piece of kitchenware that I am about to order. I think it will really round out the classy/chic theme I have going on with my kitchen decor. “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” – Jesse Pinkman

Jesse, Let’s Cook!

I. LOVE. BREAKING. BAD. So, it deserves it’s own post. I watched the entire show, all the seasons, and I am thinking about starting again from the beginning to catch all the things I missed the first time around when I was binge watching it. On an aside, when doing a little bit more research for this post, I googled “cooking meth,” TAKE THAT NSA! But really, I should probably delete that from my browser history…