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Leftover Crock Pot Pulled Pork?

pigI am not sure if I could imagine a world where I would have leftover crock pot pulled pork… However, if you live in an alternate universe and happen to have some, I have found the list for you! ┬áHave I ever mentioned I love lists? I may or may not have OCD. I also love BuzzFeed. Consequently, BuzzFeed lists are one of my favorite things. My madre found this amazing list of 18 recipes to make with crock pot pulled pork. So, if you haven’t already gorged yourself to the point of discomfort I would highly suggest any and all of these recipes. I am salivating more than Pavlov’s dogs just looking at them. YUM!

Check out the entire list, here!


Stupid Simple: Crock Pot Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket Cooking in my Crockpot

This is an incredibly simple recipe that my mother made while I was growing up. This beef brisket is a quick recipe you can throw together in the morning and allow to cook all day in the crock pot. I would like you to please note the instructions that my mother provided me with for this recipe. They are quoted word for word as what she sent me.

Crockpot No Bean Chili

Quick Crock Pot No Bean Chili


Right now it’s about 20 degrees outside, consequently it was a perfect day to make chili for dinner. I didn’t really start with a recipe but below is about what a threw together. It turned out AMAZING. I am thinking about bringing my entire crock pot in my bedroom and plugging it in on my nightstand so I can eat it in the middle of the night. No shame. (more…)