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Black Bean Brownie Update

S'mores Black Bean Brownies

S’mores Black Bean Brownies

Last night one of my best friends and I were having a wine and movie girls night. We felt like making some dessert, and some brownies sounded just about perfect. We decided to make my Black Bean Brownie recipe from few posts back (or check out the recipe below). My original post I didn’t add anything special to the brownies, but last night, I found some slightly stale marshmallows in my pantry and there were no other options but to make s’mores brownies. (more…)


Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

Today I had an incessant craving for chocolate, one that my morning Beverly International UMP chocolate protein shake couldn’t even kick. I soon remembered this amazing brownie recipe my sister recently sent me. Get this, made from black beans! It kind of sounds gross, but my sister had made them before and said they turned out amazing.  (more…)