MORE PUMPKIN THINGS: Pumpkin Spice Oreos Review

pumpkin spice oreos


EVERYONE has been talking about the Pumpkin Spice Oreos that are new this fall season. So, obviously I had to try them to conjure my own opinion. I’ve heard various raves and complaints from, “they taste like a fall Yankee Candle,” all the way to, “I can die happy now.”  (more…)

Fall Pumpkin Scones

pumpkin scones


It is currently my favorite season of the year, PUMPKIN FLAVORED THINGS SEASON. So, this morning I decided to try out a new pumpkin scones recipe. They turned out moist and delicious, even those I opted to make them without the sugar laden glaze… I would highly recommend this recipe, I had mine with a cup of green tea with honey, perfect! Pumpkin on, BITCHES!


Protein Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Protein Bread

Pumpkin Protein Bread

So, I ran in a 5k this weekend, and I was looking for a recipe to make for breakfast with some protein and carbs to make sure I had lots of energy before I ran. I found this awesome recipe on bodybuilding.com for pumpkin protein bars. I decided to try it out, and was happily surprised. The bread turned out super moist and delicious. Definitely going to make this one again. A great plus, the recipe is (basically) fat free too. Amazing!

Stupid Simple: Pumpkin Muffins

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

In case you have not already caught on, I am obsessed with pumpkin everything. Not like everyone who joins the bandwagon in the fall, I love pumpkin all the time. I also enjoy baking from time to time. I was thrilled when I came across this recipe for pumpkin muffins that only has 2 USE THESE INGREDIENTS. I thought it was some sort of sick joke, are you shitting me, 2 ingredients? (more…)

Please Excuse Me While I Re-Blog Everything from PaleOMG

20140121_195349So, first let me say that I am IN LOVE with Juli Bauer”s blog, PaleOMG. Like, really really in love.  I do not follow a paleo diet (also known as the “caveman diet,” click here for more info on it). However, I do agree with one of the main underlying principles of the paleo diet, and that is to avoid processed foods. It’s simple, processed foods are shitty for you. (more…)